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Healthcare industry is on the cusp of a digital revolution. From your local medical clinic to large pharmaceutical companies, organizations across the industry are investing substantially on digital technologies to improve processes, cut costs, speed up research and enhance productivity. It is then imperative you have a cutting-edge IT solution provider that can understand your exact needs and come up with solutions to take on the competition.

Featured Healthcare Softwares & Healthcare Software Solutions India for Hospitals, Clinics, Pathology

At Adysoft, we have over 17 years of expertise in providing technology solutions for businesses across industry verticals. Our healthcare software development solutions are aimed at small and medium healthcare companies, Hospitals, Clinics, Pathologylooking to build scalable and secure software solutions to improve patient care quality. From building a website to developing complex web and windows software developments, we can be your long-term IT partner for scaling up your technology infrastructure.

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Hospital Management System Software (CannyAc)

Hospital Management Software (CannyAc) is designed and developed by Adysoft for multi specialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital management and administration processes. It is a computerized Hospital Management Softwaredeveloped to help hospitals for managing and maintaining the patient related information in a structured and systematic way.

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Hospital Management Software

Pathology Reporting Software System
Pathology Reporting System

Pathology Reporting System manages patient record in Pathology Laboratory. This software allows you to enter patient test values and give test reports to the patients. Small-scale accounting could also be maintained in which the billing of patient and the commission of doctor is automatically calculated. This software fulfills nearly all needs and requirement of a small to big pathology. There is no limit of storage of data in software as it can use the maximum hard disk space.

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Medical Store Software

Medical Store Management (MEDICA) – revolutionary Software created by Adysoft for managing and automating Medical Stores. It is a one stop Solution provider for the problems faced in the in the field of Medical Store Management. Adysoft brings enhanced software’s to needed customers, with better quality, accuracy and reduced R&D costs. Medica is the complete medical shop management software is so designed as to ease the work load of medical shop professionals.

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Medical Store Software

Specialize in advanced solutions for Healthcare Softwares & Custom Healthcare Software development

We specialize in custom software development framework healthcare softwares like Hospital Management Software (CannyAc), Pathology Reporting System, Medical Store Software etc as well as Healthcare softwares and Outsourcing services in order to simplify workflows and make them accessible at point of care. What sets us aside is our contemporary, customer driven approach and powerful solutions.


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Hire one or more of our dedicated developers and receive a full array of benefits including built-in QA and on-time, on-budget project management.


Once we complete your project to your exact specifications we release your proprietary source code and intellectual property with no licensing, no fees, and no hassles.

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